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Consulting for Advisors


A 4 steps process easy to implement for a healthy credit risk management policy by combining data & analytics with the expertise of trained financial analysts


Financial Planning for individuals is a solution promoted by numerous accountants, lawyers, and notaries in western Europe.

It is mainly to check the adequacy between the saving and the family’s financial goals: purchase of a house, prepare the retirement, finance the college fees.

Once a year, the financial planner updates the report and proposes actions. The users of these services are usually the company’s executives, entrepreneurs who sold their companies and sportives that are experiencing substantial incomes for a short period of activity.


The compliance pressure is increasing, and companies must check the ultimate beneficiaries of contracts (KYC and UBO), satisfy the local, and headquarter regulation regarding anti-corruption law and apply GDPR to avoid substantial penalties.

There are new operational risks for companies that combine regulation, process, and technology that ADVISORS can promote to their clients.


A portfolio of trainings around the credit management and compliance for C-levels and Directors. The trainings are provided by professionals from the field to other professionals.

Professional Consulting

Our team has over 25 years of experience in credit risk management, compliance, wealth management as well as B2B sales and marketing.

Worldwide Availability

Operandi includes also services to check and collect debts from local and international companies so Advisors are able to provide to their Clients information about companies worldwide.

Valuable Ideas

We are always looking to be one step ahead as we constantly check market needs and bring valuable ideas to develop new solutions and improve the existing ones.

Financial expertise

We use the expertise of trained financial analysts when providing credit reports and diagnostics.



Budget Friendly

All proposed solutions are attentive selected to ensure quality at a friendly budget.


Excellent Strategies

Our data & analytics solutions are frequently used by Advisors and their Clients to develop various strategies related to credit risk management, debt collection marketing & sales.