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Solutions dedicated to our Network​​ of Partners

Financial & Legal Data about Romanian companies

We provide a platform that can be branded, in white labeling, with the Partner’s logo. The platform offers users unlimited checking of Romanian companies. All companies are scored with a transparent algorithm and all data can be exported in excel to generate reports. Through the platform, users monitor clients and receive alert emails about negative events that affect the clients. Users have also access contra cost to the paid data from official sources (i.e.: Certificat Constatoire, Shareholders,…) and credit reports from selected providers.

Commercial Credit Report

Users can purchase the Romanian and international Credit reports from selected suppliers to assess the quality of a new client, supplier, or partner.

Debt Collections

from local & foreign companies

Factoring & Credit Insurance

Assessment of the current services and receive offers from selected suppliers.

Sector Studies & Marketing Lists

Data & analytics for Sales & Marketing. We support companies to leverage INTERNAL and EXTERNAL DATA about their clients in order to create better targeting scenarios and to adapt commercial terms. The solutions portfolio includes: Quantitative sector studies by industry or NACE code. 3 years Database with company scoring for marketing and sales department

Competition Analysis, Clients' Portfolio Diagnostic

Report about the company versus its 20 direct competitors. Top-down presentation of the portfolio by company size, geography and risk scoring.Comparison with the peer groups.

Solutions Supporting M&A

We provide reports useful for company owners and M&A specialists to identify risks and issues like 360 degrees report, Competition Analysis, Sector Study of the company activity, Clients Portfolio Diagnostic, Bad Payers analysis and Suppliers Diagnostic.

Compliance Solutions

There are new operational risks for companies that combine regulation, process, and technology that Patrtners promote to their clients, like: Data risk assessment, Know Your Customer, Suppliers Diagnostic: assessment of the suppliers. potential risk, conflict of interest, high margin, dependence,… UBO, GDPR


around commercial credit & debt collections: API connection for ERP, CRM and software selection to digitalise the commercial credit process, credit insurance and debt collection

Financial Planning

Solutions for Individual and Familly Office: Financial Planning and portfolio management audit are promoted by numerous accountants, lawyers, and notaries in western Europe. It is mainly to check the adequacy between the saving and the family’s financial goals: purchase of a house, prepare the retirement, finance the college fees etc.

Consulting & Training

Consultancy of the commercial credit process for Large companies. A process is easy to implement for a healthy credit risk management policy by combining data & analytics with the expertise of trained financial analysts. Training: Credit Commercial Process, Credit risk and credit limit, Financial Planning for Banks and Accountancy Firms.

Outsourcing & Recruitment

Part - time and shared Credit Manager for small business or maternity leave. Recruitment of Credit Managers.

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