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Sector Studies with the latest published financial data

Sales and Marketing professionals enhance their targeting models by using data & analytics to identify the prospects according to various criteria like: Industry, Geography, Turnover, Profit, No. of Employees and Commercial Risk Level. By using the sector studies they understand the trend and evolution of prospects in order to identify those that are more likely to buy their products/services and to avoid those that are under stress.

Why are the studies valuable for our clients?

Clients receive a PowerPoint and a database in excel.

The PowerPoint presents the key figures to understand the sector’s trend for the country, by regions and size of companies.

The database contains the key data about the companies part of the study. Every company from the study is rated, and the user can create marketing list or benchmarks.

How much it costs?

790 EUR (+VAT)/study

What will the users receive?

  • Excel files with ALL COMPANIES from the sector (Construction, Transport, etc. ) or theme (Top 10,000 Romanian companies);
  • Powerpoint presentation in English of the study, with the trend;
  • Overview of companies, including their total number, grouped by the size of turnover; the number of employees in the sector and sales per employee; active vs. inactive; risk level overview; geographical analysis; profitability;  
  • Key industry figures – turnover, net profit, net margin, number of employees, sales per employee covering the last three years; receivables, inventory; assets, debts ratio, the structure of assets financing;
  • Industry analysis and classification of companies – by geographical criteria and by size, including with sales trends per region;
  • Top and bottom companies by turnover, profit in the latest financial year  
  • Commercial credit risk – classification of companies by risk level, top and bottom performers;
  • Recommendations/conclusions;
  • Annexes with scoring formulas, scoring level definitions, definitions
  • Online webinar “How to Use The Sector Study in Your Sales Strategy”
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